Remember to Check These Things After Your Car Service

When you have a car, it is important to maintain it really well. A vehicle that is not serviced regularly can come up with a lot of safety issues, which can turn out to be a disaster when you are driving. Most of the people fail to perform a few important checks after getting their car serviced from a service station. Through this article, let us quickly find out some of the most important things that you must remember to check once you get your car out of a car service showroom.

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#1. Check the job sheet

As an owner of the vehicle, it becomes your responsibility to check the job sheet given by the car service advisor to the mechanic. A job sheet comprises of all the instructions that have to be followed while servicing your vehicle. While taking your card back from the service station, you need to make sure to check whether all the instructions are carried out carefully without any deviation.

#2. Change of oil

The change in the engine oil is required time and again for the vehicle to perform at its best. When you take your vehicle back from the car service station, it is always recommended to check the colour of the oil. If the oil is replaced, it is going to be lighter in colour without any debris, else you can quickly ask the mechanic and get the oil changed instantly.

#3. Bills

Once the vehicle is serviced at the car service centre, an itemized bill gets generated at the service station. As a car owner, you have to take some time out and check the pricing against each and every component and the service mentioned on the bill. Skipping any part of the itemized bill is definitely not recommended. It is also important that you match the initial quotation given to you along with the itemized bill to find out any differences.

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#4. Toolkit

It is quite impossible for a car service mechanic to misplace a toolkit that originally comes with the vehicle as they are thorough professionals. However, the possibility of removing the toolkit from the car while working and forgetting to place it back is higher. Therefore, when you're taking your vehicle back from the service station, remember to check all the belongings, including the toolkit, once more.

#5. Level of fuel

As a customer, it becomes your priority to check the fuel level both at the time of giving your vehicle at the car service station and after receiving its delivery too. It is a general practice for a mechanic to write down the fuel level when the car is handed over to them for servicing. While taking it back, you must remember to check the levels against the actual measurement to avoid any fraudulent issues.

#6. Reading on the odometer

Also, remember to write down the odometer reading in order to avoid any misuse of your vehicle. Some of the mechanics might take advantage of the vehicle and take it on a long drive unnecessarily. If there are any major differences in the odometer reading, it becomes your responsibility to question the mechanic and understand the reasons.

#7. Take a test drive

It is mandatory that you take a test drive after the servicing of your vehicle. To understand the status of the engine before and after the service, taking a long test drive can be an ideal solution.

These are some of the most important things that each and every person must remember to do when they bring the car back from the service station. These will ensure that the service is done properly and nothing is misplaced from your vehicle.

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