Everything You Should Know about Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a process that has been used by automotive manufacturers for many years as well as in the outdoor furniture business. Powder Coating is an ultra fine powder that is applied with a gun attached to an electrical charge with a grounded part. This system allows the powder to attract and "cling" to the part for the final curing step. The powder after curing is complete, requires very little upkeep, other than washing any dirt off and is UV, chemical and scratch resistant.

Powder Coating is a super durable finish that will withstand years of all types of weather and most all chemicals that will come in contact with your car, boat or motorcycle without losing the Powder's shine or producing spots.

Process. How is Powder Coating Done?

The Powder Coating process starts of with Preparation. Experience has shown us that improper prep will always show up in an inferior product which results in customer dissatisfaction. We have learned that prepping is the key ingredient to a superior product. At Blue Ridge Powder Coating, we start with sandblasting down to the substrate, then we blast the metal with a metered hot high-pressure washer that applies a 3% mix of phosphate that micro etches the substrate and preps it for the powder. Then the product is rinsed with deionized water for the final rinse to percent solids from sticking to it. Once the powder is applied to the metal it is baked in the oven to set.

Powder Coating For Automotive

There is no limit to what can be done on your car, truck, street rod or race car.

The only restrictions are that the parts be made of metal, as plastic will not withstand the curing process.

Some typical applications are:

  • Steel and Aluminum wheels
  • Suspension parts
  • Valve Covers, Steel or Aluminum
  • Engine parts
  • Brackets
  • Bumpers
  • Interior items

Powder Coating for Motorcycle

Powder Coating for Motorcycles is a very cost-effective way to restore a vintage bike or to customize your street or show bike given the vast array of colors available.

The durability and low maintenance factor of Powder Coating make this process much more desirable than paint. Any metal part from frames to cylinders and heads are able to be coated as well as exhaust systems with the new high heat coatings that will withstand 1000 degrees constant use.

Powder Coating For Marine

Powder Coating for the Marine market is just the ticket for low maintenance, great looking items that will last for many years in the harsh saltwater, as well as race boats and all sorts of pleasure craft. Some typical applications are:

  • Aluminum structures such as half towers.
  • Engine parts
  • Cleats
  • Railings
  • Outriggers
  • Tools
  • Fixtures
  • Outboard parts
  • Trailer wheels

Powder Coating can transform your car, truck, street rod, boat, trailer or any metal item from the dull, everyday item into a thing of beauty that will hold up much better than paint and needs a fraction of the care.

Hope you like the above-mentioned information about powder coating! Get more information to avoid powder coating problems.

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