5 Things to Check at the Car Service Centre During Delivery

Buying a car and maintaining it is not an easy process. It requires regular checking and servicing to have a reliable and safer drive and keep its longevity. Without regular  car service, you will have to pay reoccurring and hefty bills of repairs. Because such car will not perform as it should and will often break down. 

Car service is a routine check for your vehicle maintenance, from engine fluids level to wear and tear of your car. It is necessary to hand over your vehicle to trusted car service professionals for authentic servicing and maintenance of the car.

Car Service
Nowadays, in the car service centre’s name, some Mechanics are frauding the customers with a lack of negligence and replacing the parts with inferior quality and overpricing the actual amount. It is necessary to keep these five things in mind to check your Car during the service delivery next time to get duped.

Things to consider during the delivery of car serviced are:

  • Job Sheet
  • Itemized bill
  • Engine oil/Transmission oil
  • Fuel level
  • Tire condition and air filter
  • Take a road test with the service advisor
  • Odometer reading
  • coolant fluid
  • Tool kit

Pay the Car Service Center at Last

The first and foremost thing to consider is paying the service centre at the end after checking each item's price as sometimes an article might be written as overpriced, so one has to go through the whole bill for any mistakes.

Test Drive Your Car

Secondly, after evaluating your vehicle at car service, go on a test drive with the service provider to see the issues you have pointed out as being solved or not, as usually small mistakes lead to more significant problems. It is necessary to solve this problem there itself with the provider.

Checking Engine oil and Air Filter

The Engine oil is the heart of car and the most crucial part as its care and proper functioning can lead to the car's longevity. One has to observe the engine oil colour as new oil will be lighter in colour and clean. With Engine oil. Comes air filter as it is a vital part of contributing to engine health. So one has to check whether the Air filter has been changed or not during the car service. Checking the air filter is easy to check if it's clean or not by opening the air filter and taking it out.

Job Sheet

You must tell your car service Center about the faults that the service provider needs to take care of. Every car service Station prepares a Job sheet with instructions to be noted while the customer discusses the problems. The Job sheet acts as a medium of communication and proof of work that has to be done  between  both the customer and service provider. As at the end; the provider can list out the things that have been repaired along with the cost. If something is left out, the customer can remind the provider of the item to be repaired or replaced.


It is necessary to check all the vital parts such as Coolant fluid, Fuel Level, Odometer reading, and tire condition.  As sometimes the provider use the inferior quality or the chances of wheel swapping, are possible. Also check if the car is washed correctly and polished during the service for a good outcome.  If you will send the car to an authentic and genuine car service center you will not face any quality issues. The work will be  completed in timely and best possible manner.

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