Five Different Types of Car Services You Need for The Long-Term Maintenance of Your Vehicle

The fundamental commitment you should have towards the ownership of the car is to get your car serviced at regular intervals. A car service not only will help your car function at its best but will also ensure your safety while you drive your car. There are different types of car services and different packages available in the market depending upon the age of your car, its condition and the measure of the distance the car has traveled so far. 
Car Service

#1. Oil and Filter Change: An oil and filter change is one of the most basic and most important tasks of a car service, which is included in all types of services. An oil and filter change will help your car run properly and reliably. Every garage has a duty towards all its customers to go through a visual safety inspection. However, brake checks are more fundamental to the cause of comprehensive car service and it should be administered on the cars beforehand, for at least once in every year.

#2. Basic or Interim Service: A basic or interim car service typically includes an oil and filter change, a visual inspection. Usually, an interim car service entrails a re-fill of the various key fluids of the engine which includes washer fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze fluid and steering fluid. There must be a thorough check on up to 35 key components of the system in order to ensure that the car is at its best possible condition. During the course of the car service, the brakes should be checked, and the manufacturer guidelines need to be followed.

#3. Full Service: Also known as an intermediate or a silver service, full car service is recommended once every 12 months or more specifically after every 12,000 miles, the car travels. It is ideal for those who get lower annual mileages and are likely to get their car service done at least once a year. A full car service includes a wide range of checks and services that circumscribes air filter change, fuel filter, and spark plugs change, an inspection of air conditioning system, wheel bearings and shock absorbers. A full car service will also include extensive brake inspection and testing of the electrical components of your car - e.g. battery, starter motor, and alternator. The radiator, as well as the coolant hose of the car, should be checked, too.

#4. Major Service: A major car service is also referred to as a master or gold service – recommended every 24 months or 24,000 miles. This is the different type of car service that should naturally happen during the course of a c a full service.

#5. Manufacturers’ Service: A manufacturer’s car service is the ultimate service and maintenance that your car needs to have once in a while. It is the most expensive as well as a comprehensive car service available. It has a wide range of checks which include the oil and filter check as well as replacement, brake fluid tops up and check, windscreen wash, full brakes check and so on.
Car Service and Repair

The Following Are the Various Checks That Are Additionally Included in A Manufacturer’s Car Service: 
  • Power steering fluid check
  • Shock absorbers check
  • Suspension check
  • Lights check
  • Charging systems check
  • Exhaust check
  • Battery check
  • Tire tread and pressure check
A major car service is the most comprehensive package available and it essentially includes everything that is present in full service. There are additional services available which in turn include the brake fluid and the cabin filter change. With time, brake fluids tend to become contaminated, thus making the brakes less effective. It will then take longer a time than usual to stop your car. It can have serious consequences while you are driving on the road. A similar problem can arise due to the cabin filter being clogged up with dust and debris and thus, replacing the cabin filter will improve its air quality.
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