What Mistakes Do We Do That Make Our Car Look Old and Worn Out!

For most people in the world, a car is a precious commodity and they treat it as a part of their family. As soon as any dirt appears on it, people tend you remove it immediately or during an accident even a minute scratch gives the car owner an anger rippling effect. Sometimes we try to keep our car in the best possible condition, however, the nuances of cleanliness can be left as it is.

So, car owners need to know how to keep these basic mistakes at bay in order to keep their car as new as always:

Know which brush can protect your car:

When we get our car washed, generally, they use synthetic brushes, however, those brushes cannot remove debris and dirt easily and nicely. The best thing to keep you paintwork look like new and shiny is the usage of swirling brush. They swirl up all dirt, debris, and sand granules every time it is used on a car. This kind of car will pay you off when you will be selling your car. The newer it will look, the more value in terms of money it will generate, in fact, Topdeals4wheels.com can help you sell your car at amazing prices.

High pressure “touchless” car wash is what you need to get done:

Most people live under this impression that if their car gets dirty then it needs to be taken to a washing center immediately. However, the chances are, if the car is extremely dirty and the car washing center uses high-pressure water to clean that dirt and sand granules then due to that high water pressure your paintwork can get damaged easily.

Sometimes, the car wash companies use recycled water to clean the car and claim that this water has undergone the filtration process and it will do no harm to the car but the real story is that those dirt particles and those sand granules cannot be separated so easily and leads to damaging the paintwork of the car.

Always look for an amazing parking spot:

Finding that perfect parking spot is extremely hectic and as soon as we see space, we tend to park our cars but parking it anywhere in a busy industrial area and marketplace can be dangerous.  Sometimes, those tiny particles of dust are not just dirt, they are actually microscopic particles of metal present in the atmosphere due to train brakes or cars. These settle over the paintwork appearing as dust and we unknowingly wash these or wipe them with cloth and eventually damaging our car. If that is the case with you, we recommend getting an acid wash done.

What to do with the bird droppings:

The birds have a direct relationship with the cars. Even if you have parked far away from the area where birds possibly can be, still, you can find bird droppings on your car. These car droppings have an acid that is too dangerous for the paint and the effects are worse during sunlight. The only way to get rid of it is by removing the bird disposal as soon as possible. The longer it stays, the more it damages the paintwork of your car.

Those hard brakes are not just dangerous alone:

We have seen people doing this quite often, risking their lives and playing with death on roads. But as dangerous it is for your life, in the same manner, it is for your car. The sand granules with force are shot-out towards your car damaging the paintwork and sometimes leaving minute marks on the car as well.

Let the snow be where it is:

During winters, we have seen people removing snow, ice, and frost from the cars. It usually settles on the windscreen, roof, and bonnet of the car and people with cloths or wipers try to get it removed. These will not harm your car otherwise, but if you try to get these removed yourself then chances are the particles and debris underneath may damage your car. So, the bottom line is, let it melt at its own pace.

All in all, do not live under this dilemma that the car is going to get dirty again so getting it washed will do no good. If this happens that sand particles and dirt will do more harm to your paint. In fact, keep cleaning it on a regular basis even if the chances are high that car will get dirty again.

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