Don’t Risk Your Life, Get Regular Car Service

There are many good reasons for which regular car servicing holds so much importance. It not only saves your money and time on any serious issues, but it can also save your life by keeping your car safe during the drive. No doubt car service is important, but it is also important to know what’s involved in it and why you must go for it. Here, let’s find out more. 

Common Services Offered by Car Services: 

With regular service, you can have the condition of your car checked from time to time. From general wear and tear to brakes, engine and fluids, it can assess everything in your car, so that any upcoming issues may be identified and fixed before it is too late. However, each service differs from one car model to the other. Generally, more than 50 car components are checked and adjusted during the servicing, including the following: 
  • Changing the engine oil 
  • Replacing the filters 
  • Checking tires, lights, and exhaust system 
  • Testing operation of steering wheel and brake system 
  • Tuning the engine 
  • Checking coolant and hydraulic fluid levels 
  • Checking the AC system 
  • Steering alignment 
  • Suspension checks 
  • Car battery condition 

Reasons to Go for Regular Car Service 

  • Because it’s different from MOT: Many people think that they do not need to get their car serviced if they have got MOT. But you need to understand that both are not the same thing. MOT is a technical safety inspection of a car conducted annually, but it does not repair or replace any worn car components. While service takes care of wear and tear, MOT doesn’t do that. 
  • Because it saves money: Dealing with problems at their early stages will definitely save money in the long run. Car service may cost a bit for now, but it will save you from expensive repairs and replacements. For example, changing the oil would cost nothing at present, but if you keep running your car with dirty oil, it may break your engine and cost a lot in future. So it is suggested to maintain your car by a reliable car service
  • Because it reduces your car’s fuel consumption: When all your car parts are working fine, your car ends up consuming less fuel than otherwise. A faulty car needs to work harder, for which it needs to draw up more fuel, which ultimately costs you more, and you can save your fuel cost by servicing your car on regular interval. 
  • Because it increases your car’s value: If you are planning to sell your car any time soon, then having a good service record will definitely allow you to ask for a good price at the time of reselling. A well-maintained car will obviously fetch more money from prospective buyers.
  • Because it helps with insurance: In an unfortunate event, if you meet an accident and your car becomes irreparable, then your insurance company will consider your car’s service history to set its value. A full-service history will definitely help in improving your car’s valuation figure.

How Often to Get Car Service Done? 

The frequency of your car servicing depends on a number of factors, including the age, make and model for your car, and your driving terrain as to whether you drive it on rural roads, on motorways, or on city streets, and how many miles are recommended by your car manufacturer. 

Ideally, you must get your car service at least every 6 months, or after completing a prescribed number of miles, whichever is earlier. If you have an old vehicle, it will need more frequent car servicing than a new one. So, ask an expert mechanic and refer to your car manual for more information.
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