Most Common Reasons to Choose Preventive Car Service

Everyone knows that buying a car is probably one of the biggest expenses incurred. In addition to this, there are more costs involved in car service costs, fuel costs, insurance, and maintenance. There are many owners who underestimate the importance of preventive maintenance. A simple step like replacing parts, fluids, or overall inspection of the automobile can keep the car on the road for many years.
Car Service
There are a lot of owners who really don’t pay much heed to the importance of preventative automobile maintenance. It is the little things that can make a difference. The most common type of preventive maintenance is replacing the oil with the oil that is found according to the specifications in the instruction manual. Some of the reasons why such preventive maintenance is important are:

Money Savings and Security

A simple replacement of either the serpentine belt for every 40,000 miles can help the car owner to save a lot of costs like a failure of the engine. Thorough cleaning and inspection of the battery and replacing the oil saves a lot of headache in the future as well. Imagine a scenario where you have gone on a long drive and your battery is dead. Considering these situations, it is always better to opt for preventive car service as early as possible.

Safety of other Drivers

When a car breaks down on the road, other cars and their drivers are may also face the hassles specially in high traffic. For example – If a tire burst running in the road, it might lose control and hit other cars. If the car stops right in the middle due to engine repair, there is a chance for a huge traffic jam. It is very important to remember that driving a car is a civic responsibility. Hence, considering all this preventive service of the car is very important.
Car Service
Improving the Mileage of the Car

Preventive car service helps in the optimal use of fuel. If the filters of the engine are neglected, then unnecessary damage is caused on the engine. It is best to get an oil change for every 3000 miles if the conventional type of oil is used. You should be very careful if you are using synthetic oil. The recommended level should be used to the exact match.

Serious Car Repairs Should Not Be Avoided

Serious car issues are caused primarily due to the owner’s negligence. There are many cases in which there are a lot of repairs like engine failure, transmission, and many more. Preventive car service can be simple as replacing car tires can improve the life of a car by many years. Failure to replace the tires can cause a lot of stress to the engine as well.

In order to understand preventive maintenance a little more deeply, it is good to know what the types of wear are and tear that one can see if car service is not done frequently. Some of the types of wear and tear seen are: 
  • Camshaft replacement - If the oil is not replaced regularly, there is a lot of wear and tear in the camshaft. One has to easily spend close to $2,200 to repair the camshaft.
  • Spark plug replacement – If spark plugs are not replaced continuously, the engine wear and tear increase. This can create a replacement cost of $10,000.
All the points discussed above show how important car service is for cars. If the preventive measures are not taken at the right time, then there is a chance that the entire vehicle will get affected and a significant portion of the investment is lost.
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