5 mistakes people generally make when hiring a bull bar

What is a bull bar?

A bull bar is a large piece of metal which is manufactured in special procedure which would help protect your vehicle’s front end from any kind of collisions. Bullbars are also often called Roo bars. The most commonly used bull bars are usually made out of plastic, aluminum, or steel. These bars are extremely effective when it comes to damage protection and prevention and safeguard your car’s engine from any accidental damages.

Great care must be taken before you hire the perfect bull bar for your vehicle, and you must keep in mind to avoid the commonly made errors in this process. Here are the five mistakes which people generally tend to make while hiring a bull bar:

bull bar 
  • Not selecting the right raw material: As already mentioned- bull bars are made from different kind of materials. It is important to keep in mind the material which is suitable for your utility before hiring a bull bar. It is highly advisable to opt for bull bars made from stainless steel as steel is a strong and sturdy material which can withstand animal strikes and other collisions without causing any major damage to the vehicle, especially when compared to a bull bar made from plastic. Aluminum bull bars are also quite strong but might not make for an automatic choice owing to low tensile strength and higher prices.

  • Opting for the wrong style: Bull bars come in various styles such as the single hoop bar, the triple hoop bar, the nudge bar, and the bumper bar. It is crucial that you find out and select the style which suits you and your vehicle best while hiring a bull bar. It is highly recommended to opt for a single or triple hoop bar as these bull bars offer the maximum amount of protection. While a triple hoop bar weighs more than the other variants, it is the most reliable option to hire, for long travels through forests and hilly areas. Choosing the wrong style of bull bars might force you to compromise on the protection and weight of your vehicle. 
  • Compromising on the overall aesthetic: Although bull bars are meant to protect your vehicle, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot add on to the external aesthetics and looks of your car. It is very important to choose a bull bar which will accentuate your vehicle’s look. Opting for a bar made out of a sturdy material will ensure both high-class protection and appearance.

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  • Underestimating the importance of add-on features: Many bull bars come with different add-on features such as fog lights, rated tow points, and recovery points. Since most fog lights are fitted in a car’s front bumpers, it is essential to refit these while adding a bull bar as it requires the bumper bar to be removed. Therefore, if you choose a bull bar which already comes with a fog light, it would save you extra cost, time, and efforts. Additionally, it is also important to look out for recovery points and tow points in the bars as they enhance the protection and efficiency of your vehicle. 
  • Not taking into consideration the ease of fitting: Fitting a bull bar can be a difficult task and can take up to eight hours, depending on the specific bar you have chosen and its make. It is highly recommended to hire a bar which can undergo a DIY fitting process, thus saving up on extra fitting costs and also a lot of time. Therefore, you must take into account the ease of fitting of the bull bar you want to purchase.

Hiring the perfect bull bar can be a tricky task, given the many varieties which are currently offered in the market. However, if you take into consideration a few essential criteria, as mentioned in this article, before choosing the bar for your vehicle, the process would become significantly convenient for you, and help you greatly in your decision-making process.
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