Doin’ it for ‘gram study reveals UK’s most vain motorists

We love a good study into motorist habits here at Carxpression and today we’re going to discuss a new one we’ve found from UK contract hire and leasing firm All Car Leasing called ‘doin’ it for the ‘gram’ which looks at who the most vain drivers are in the UK.

If reading a load of text isn’t your thing then we suggest scrolling to the bottom of the article to find the infographic they’ve made in full or listen to their podcast episode discussing this study.

What the study found is that out of all age groups which are able to drive a car (17+) that it’s the millennials that are the most snap happy and likely to post a picture of their cherished motor on social medial. 50% of 25-34 year olds said that they had posted a picture of their car at some point. That’s a whopping statistic!

However, that alone doesn’t make them vain as posting a picture is merely sharing and not necessarily bragging – to dig a little deeper All Car Leasing also asked whether or not they had a private registration plate, how often they clean their car and whether or not they have added an aftermarket modification to their car. It turns out, even after asking more questions it still ended up being millennials at the top of the list! Crikey.

However, it wasn’t the millennials themselves that All Car Leasing highlighted as the most vain but those who purchased private plates! They found that people who have private plates:

  • 53% have modified their car
  • 50% clean their car at least once a fortnight
  • 58% have posted to social media

So, it would seem that if you have a private plate then you are most likely a little bit vain!

Lord Ronnie Jones, Marketing Wizard and overall nice guy added “This was a very fun study to do and we found the results to be very telling on what kind of people like to show off and who don’t. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to share your accomplishments so we hope no one is offended if they find themselves in the vain category!”

As we said at the start, their study is pretty massive and we’ve only touched on their findings so far so we urge you to take a look at the infographic, visit the original blog or listen to their five star rated podcast!

Doin it for the gram

Doin' it for the 'gram by All Car Leasing

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