An Amazing car at Great Price

Riding in a premium car is the dream of many, but it is not possible for everyone to afford such high end cars due to financial constraints. Therefore, many people look for second-hand cars that are in great condition, but are available at heavy discount. New Delhi, like any other big metro city in India has a thriving second-hand car market from where you can get any high-end cars at much cheaper prices. If you are looking for a premium quality SUV, then we suggest that you look for the used Audi Q3 in mumbai. This is an excellent car that not only allows you to travel smoothly over difficult terrains but helps you to do this in perfect comfort.
German companies are known for their sophisticated engineering as well as high-end comfort features that they provide to their clients. The Audi Q3 is an example of this wonderful combination of intricate engineering along with plush interior that will help you to travel in complete comfort. When you buy a used Audi in mumbai, you buy a piece of engineering marvel that will give you a hassle free service for a long time to come. This muscular -looking car with sophisticated design is available with both petrol as well as diesel motors. If you are interested in the petrol trim, then you can buy the Audi Q3 with a 1.4 L mill that can generate a maximum power of 147.5 bhp resulting in a torque of 250 Nm. The maximum speed of the trim is 205 kmph and it gives a mileage of 16.9 kmpl (ARAI).

If you are interested in the diesel trim instead, then you can buy the Audi Q3 with a 2 L motor which can generate a  power of 184bhp resulting in a torque of 380 Nm. Both the petrol as well as diesel trim are attached comes with a seven speed automatic S Tronic gearbox which does a great job of taking the power generated in the engine to the front wheels. The overall comfort level of the passenger cabin is top notch and you will not feel any major bump while travelling in this car thanks to an excellent suspension system that the engineers are put into this car. The designers who have furnished this car have used high quality materials including leather, glass and chrome extensively to ensure that this car getting an upmarket look. There are several features that allow the rider(s) to have an unforgettable ride in the Audi Q3 some of these includes, a powerful climate controller, a superior quality sound system, power windows, a big glove box, thick floor mat, cup & bottle holder and so on.

In addition to good quality comfort features, this car is also bristling with a range of safety elements that ensures that the riders remain safe in case of any accident. All these features make Audi Q3 the perfect SUV that you should buy so that you get a amazing riding experience without spending too much above your budget.
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