How to do Car Brake Replacement by Yourself

Your car is an essential part of your life, and your car's brakes are an integral part of them. Therefore, you should take care of them lest anything untoward happens to you or your vehicle while driving. The most usual element of your brake that needs replacement is the brake pads. The time you need to change your brake pads is the same time you need to replace your brakes. Did you know that your brake pads need brake replacement on time or you will risk an accident?

Brake Replacement
Brake Replacement

Making sure that your car's brake pads are in good working condition will save you both a lot of money and even your life. In this article, we will talk about how you can do car brake replacement all by yourself. Firstly, you should know a little about what car brake pads are. Brake pads are integral parts of your car's braking systems and get worn and torn by regular use. Therefore, for car brake repairs, it is often necessary to change them. These brake pads rest between your brake shoe and the brake drum, without them, discs, rotors, and calipers will all wear away and expose your car to mechanical failures.

You can know when to replace brake pads using several methods. Firstly, there might be a squealing or screeching sound when you engage your brakes. This is caused by a tiny metal shim indicator that is in your brake replacement just for this purpose. Secondly, a visual inspection of your brakes can tell you if you need to replace them or not. It's time to replace the brake pad. Metallic grinding sounds also indicate that your car brake pads need immediate replacement.

For example, in cities, brake replacement is used more often than in rural areas leading to quicker wear and tear.

To do Car Brake Replacement, follow the steps given below:

  • Loosen the lugs- After making the car stationary, you should use your 1/2" breaker bar, turn counter-clockwise with the car on the spot. 
  • You should remember that you're just loosening them and not removing. Get the loose enough until you can take them off with a regular ratchet.
  • Use Your Jack to Raise the Car. Be sure to use the appropriate jacking points on your car. You can remove the wheels now.
  • Loosen the Caliper- Remove the 2 12mm or 14mm bolts on the caliper. After this, you should remove the caliper carriers which are a little tight so use an impact gun or a breaker bar with a mallet.
Brake Replacement
Brake Replacement

  • Remove the Rotor- A few whacks with a hammer should help you in doing this.
  • Install Your New Rotor- Before doing this, however, you should clean up the parts and remove the rust.
  • Assemble and Compress the Carrier- Replace the carrier bolts and tighten them with your impact gun. You can use the impact gun and an old brake pad to compress the caliper piston until it is flushed with its housing.
  • Install Pads and the Caliper- While doing this, put a little grease so that the pads won't squeal. Tighten all bolts and double check your work.
  • Put on Your Wheels- Tighten the hand lugs on when in the wind and torque them down when the wheels are on the ground. Pump the brakes until you feel pressure and then try out the new braking system on the car.
And you're done with your car brake replacement. This was our article on car brake replacement and why brake pads are essential. We hope you enjoyed reading and we wish you will fix your car soon and have fun driving.
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