Top Must Have Nissan Patrol 4x4 Accessories

Do you own Nissan Patrol? Are you looking for the accessories for your prized possession? Nissan Patrol is one of the best 4x4 all-terrain SUV which is not meant for everyone. Only the tough guys know the worth of this car and what a beast it comes out during off-roading. However, off-roading could be dangerous for your vehicle’s health sometimes which is why it is essential to equip your machine with some of the best accessories for added protection and enhanced performance. Since its inception, a lot of accessories have been developed for Nissan Patrol 4x4 owing to its huge popularity among the car enthusiasts. Let’s walk you through some of the best Nissan Patrol 4x4 accessories that are sure to leave a long-lasting impression on your mind! 

Special Off-Road Tires: Off-roading needs rugged tires, and if you are using the standard tires then you are bound to face a lot of trouble in the long run. There are specially manufactured tires with carefully designed strong treads to give excellent grip and make your off-roading drive smooth. You can purchase these special tires at your nearest dealership and make your off-roading experience a memorable one.
The Kit for Sump: While driving on rocky roads, the bottom of your car is bound to hit the rocks and damage your engine as it is exposed to a lot of dust which can penetrate itself into the engine and can hinder the performance of the same in the long run. The steel under guard (of varying thickness and size) is designed to protect your car from those rocks and avoid any mishap due to the resulting oil leakage.

Exhaust Jack: Off-roading also runs the risk of your tires getting punctured or deflated due to rugged use and over time. This kit accessory is effortless to use, and all you need to do is connect the exhaust jack to the exhaust of your vehicle, and it inflates on itself to lift your heavy vehicle and makes it easy to replace the wheels. This can make your work more easy as you don’t have to use the traditional jack and do the labour.

Snorkel Guard: Rough terrain is full of mud, sand, stones, and twigs coming on your car’s way, and it is imperative to shield your engine compartment from them for a better performance always. Thus, no matter how challenging the roads are or how dangerous the river beds and dust bowls are, these snorkel guards are the best way to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle.

High Luminosity Led Lights: While you are on your adventurous journey and it gets dark, you need to have proper headlamps to be able to decipher the signboards before it’s too late. More than adding aesthetic value to your vehicle it acts as an added safety feature. Therefore, it is a must have Nissan Patrol 4x4 accessory. These have flexible mountings and do not drain your battery a lot.

Special Fuel Tank: When you have headed for the off-roading journey it means that you won’t be having petrol pumps nearby and you might want to avoid the risk of running out of gasoline. Therefore, specially built long range fuel tanks are the ideal Nissan Patrol 4x4 accessories for you as they eliminate the need to compromise on the distance you want to travel. These can fit in easily without changing the ground clearance and are easily available.

It is advisable to procure all the accessories from Nissan authorized stores only as it ensures the high quality of the products. Off-roading trip gives you that adrenaline rush you have always wanted, and it’s a lot of fun if you have used the right accessory on your car. The pricing is competitive, and so it varies slightly from one store to other but always checks for the authenticity mark on the products. Test all electronic accessories in the store itself before you buy! 
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