A Guide to Finding a Cancelled Driving Test

Isn’t it frustrating, you have a car lined up, you’ve researched the cost of insurance the driving instructor says you’re ready to take the test and … you have to wait weeks, maybe months!

There are numerous short notice test dates available and that’s mainly due to government policy of allowing applicants to cancel, for a full refund, having given at least three days’ notice.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take one of these cancelled driving tests?

Well, have I got some good news for you! There’s an outstanding service available online that’ll point you in the direction of an imminently available test date.

Words of caution!

Are you sure you’re ready to take the test? Has your instructor giving the thumbs up? If not, perhaps it’s best to continue honing your driving skills and return to this article at some, quite soon, later date.

Also, don’t forget, the test venue may lie within a town or city of unfamiliar terrain. If you’re confident and competent then this may not be an issue.

Bear in mind, you may have to travel some distance to the test venue; ensure you have a travel plan in place.

Enough negativity.

Where can I find cancelled tests?

Simples … just login to SpeedyTests, an online service with a mission to find you a short-notice test date.

And what an outstanding service they offer, for just a one off payment of £16.99!

Yes, a one off payment, should you fail your test, however unlikely, then they’ll find you another at absolutely no charge whatsoever! And, what’s more, the offer is ongoing, although to take advantage you’ll have to keep failing.

And, believe it or not, if they can’t find you an earlier test date you will receive a full refund; no quibble, no catches.

As regards to the dilemma of travelling, you can restrict distances by selecting up to three of the nearest test centres available.

Speedy Tests will contact you via text should a test become available within any one of your chosen areas. You are entitled to ignore or turn down the text invite.

Alternatively, you can trust Speedy Tests’ judgement and authorise them to automatically book the next available test date.

Just one stipulation!

Speedy Tests can only offer this service to those who have already booked, or previously booked and failed a driving test! It’s not their fault, it is government policy.

In conclusion

For those impatient souls, impatient for whatever reason, Speedy Tests provide an excellent, no nonsense, and efficient service.

Their terms and conditions are upfront, ethical and beyond reproach. Their service is efficient, effective and represents amazing value for money.

For more in-depth information visit, via this link Speedy Tests now.

Get to the front of the queue and polish that car!

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