The Benefits of Booking an MOT or Car Service Online

Have you ever considered booking your car MOT or service online? The answer is that you probably have not.

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However, imagine there’s a reputable garage in your area that actually offers an online booking service. Would you consider using the service?

The fact is that not all areas in the UK have access to a local garage online. However some of us are fortunate. Take for example East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, you lucky people have a gem of a service right there on your doorstep. East Kilbride has a premium online MOT and service booking facility offered by highly respected Auto Solutions.

Auto Solutions, in particular, their East Kilbride garage and website will provide the benchmark for this article.

What, then, are the benefits of booking online?

Well, first off it’s wise to check the credentials of the garage in question. You will need to be reassured as to their professionalism and integrity.

Here’s a short check list:

1. Has the garage been operating for a considerable time?

If so then their longevity tends to suggest the company is reliable, stable and experienced. Employing a recently opened business can be a little risky unless you are extremely familiar with the proprietor’s previous history and credentials. Look before you leap.

2. Look for testimonials, they should be posted on the garage’s website.

If possible, seek personal recommendations from existing, hopefully satisfied, customers.

3. Is the business properly registered with the DVSA and thereby authorised to carry out MOT testing?

OK, being registered to carry out an MOT is not an absolute indicator as to the quality of service you can expect, but it does show that the garage can work to a level of competence; with that in mind …

4. Are the mechanics, indeed all staff, experienced, knowledgeable and helpful?

You can glean a lot from their website and from a visit to the garage itself. Take a good look around, chat with staff.  If the garage looks as clean and organised as our East Kilbride sample, then that’s a good start.

Benefits of booking a car MOT or service online

You will not be restricted to business hours, you can book at any time on any day!

Online booking takes a minute; a well organised website will have an easy to follow booking system that will enable you to estimate the likely cost of MOT and service for your particular car model. The booking will be free of charge.

Auto Solutions of East Kilbride provide a classic example of a well presented, easy to fathom website.

Of course any MOT or service may turn up some unforeseen horror, but then … such is life. You will certainly be informed and advised before any further expenses are incurred.

The East Kilbride garage (Auto Solutions) will even collect your car, service, MOT, repair if necessary and return it in good health and good time. Have you a garage near you that’s willing to go that extra mile?

In conclusion

Assuming you are fortunate enough to have a facility as good as East Kilbride’s service and repair garage, then booking a service or MOT on line is a no brainer. A stress free upfront transaction is guaranteed.

Visit Auto Solutions and use them as your benchmark to gauge the quality of service you should expect from your chosen garage. 

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