Which are the Best HID Conversion Kits for Cars?

Every car buff has looked on longingly at other cars fitted with HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlamps, haven’t they? With their sleek styling, sexy blueish color, and improved brightness, they really do add to the finishing elegant touches to cars. Consequently, more and more car enthusiasts want to know the best HOD conversion kits for cars so they can get in on the action.

Although some cars are factory fitted with HID headlights, there’s been a steady increase in demand for modifications and conversions of ‘normal’ headlights into HID, leading to a massive growth in HID conversion kits for cars.

As always with any growing marketing, there’s plenty false claims and poor quality items around, so here are six considerations to help you choose the best HID conversion kit for cars.
HID Conversion Kits for Cars
HID Conversion Kits for Cars

Ease of Install

When you’re looking for the best HID conversion kits for cars, you need to consider ease of install (especially if you’re fitting them yourself). Whilst most car enthusiasts may be competent enough, some kits are a little more technical and may need specialist installers - especially electricians - to ensure they’re safe and fitted correctly,


Every car enthusiast will have a different requirement for a HID conversion kit. So maybe upgrading for better lighting when driving at night or off-road. Others may just want that ‘Pimp My Ride’ effect, or even just fall for the blue tints HID conversion kits can bring over normal headlights.

If you know your technical requirements before looking to choose a HID conversion kit, you will have a narrower choice and so it will be easier to choose the best for your needs.


As with any item, there’s a varied difference in cost of HD conversion kits. For an entry-level enthusiast, there are basic HID conversion kits, ranging all the way up to professional level (and much more expensive) sets.


When you are looking to choose the best HID conversion kits for cars, it often comes down to the best manufacturers. Generally, the best manufacturers provide the best quality HID conversion kits, which will last longer and be effective and also are likely to be best technically also.


Depending on how much you really need a HID conversion kit, and which kit you choose, you may have to make some trade-offs.

For example, some HID conversion kits have the unfortunate side-effect of interfering with radio signals. So, if you’re looking to dazzle whilst listening to the radio, some-thing may have to give.


When you are choosing HID conversion kits for cars, it’s easy to overlook durability. You don’t need to spend a fortune to obtain durability, but just beware that some of the cheaper kits have durability issues - so you may end up buying another kit later.


Car Kits
HID Car Kits
If you are prone to change your mind or get bored easily, some HID conversion kits for cars have a massive range of colors. By choosing these HID conversion kits, you can ensure your headlights - and their distinctive colors - are truly unique enough to turn most heads.
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