Should You Go To A Dealer or Non Dealer Log Book Servicing?

Many people are against hiring the log book servicing professionals. However, they fail to understand that it is these professionals who examine your cars thoroughly. They are the ones who abide by the rules that are set by the car manufacturer for inspecting, repairing, and servicing the car. It becomes easier to maintain the car especially the new one. Whether to hire the dealers or non-dealer services is another hassle for the ones who wish to access such services.
Log Book Servicing
Log Book Servicing
Though an automobile manufacturer cannot specify which service to go to, you should always go for the professional log book servicing. Here are some reasons why you should trust the dealers:
  • Genuine Check: When you approach the experts they will know how to inspect a particular brand of the car. They come with a log book servicing manual that explains the standard procedure to perform a check on the automobile. This way any person who conducts a check will need to specify what has been done in that visit. Next time if a new person is appointed for undertaking a check on your car, he can go through the log book and then perform the required check. If there were some serious problems in the past, then these are shown up in the log book, it will be easier for the expert to undertake the next procedure. Hence, if you expect genuine services, you will have to go to the professional log book services.
  • Original parts: If any issue is detected during the inspection, it will be recorded in the log book servicing. This way you can keep a track of the repairs or services that the car has undergone through. Additionally, if there is a need to replace any part, it will be updated in the log book servicing. When you confirm on proceeding with the replacements, you will get an entry of the parts that have been updated. You can be assured that only original parts have been used while fixing the car. This might not be the case with the non-dealers. You can never know whether the service has pulled out your original parts and replace it with the fake ones. Hence, it is best to go for the professionals.
  • Warranty: When you hire the dealers for log book servicing, you can be assured about the warranty of their services. They take up the task of delivering you only the best. If the same issue keeps springing, it will be completely upon them. In simpler words, if you are paying the services for a task, it will be done to the perfection. However, if there is an error, it will be sorted out by the service providers. The log book servicing makes it convenient for both the service provider as well as the car owner. Tracking issues and offering the best solutions is supported well with the dealers as they have all the record in log book. However, you cannot expect the same professionalism from the non-dealers.
  • Packages: When you go to the dealers for log book servicing, you can go for particular packages. Right from maintenance to major repair work, everything can be chosen and planned in advance. However, with the non-dealers, you can never be sure. The prices might fluctuate as per the service. Instead, you should simply go to the professionals who are experienced and offer you the quotes before they start. If you find them reliable, you can continue with the services in the future.
Some people think of saving money by going to the non-dealers. However, when it comes to quality servicing you can only trust the dealers with scheduled checks.
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