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Automatic transmissions are the choice of most car owners in recent times. These are a result of progressive economy and are greatly beneficial to budding drivers. This is especially helpful in difficult terrain and in harsh driving conditions. The process of an automatic transmission in cars is extremely simple to understand while being complex in implementation. The car has varying driving speeds. The automatic transmission in the car helps the caning of the gears in an automated manner thus obliterating the manual use of the clutch and gear time and gain while driving.
Automatic Transmission Service

Car Parts Repair Cost Guide – Automatic transmission

  • There is no engine and part or component that is more complex than the transmission system present in the car. These are responsible for shifting gears and these are the ones that deliver the speed to the vehicle. These transmissions use the gear ratios and arrive at the optimum torque or the rotational speed that is desired to the car.
  • Transmissions experience a lot of wear and tear especially if it is the automatic transmission one. The car owners too forget to check the fluids that are present in the car periodically and this is another reason why they face transmission issues.
  • It is not easy having transmission issues and getting them replaced. This is estimated to be one of the most costly jobs done by a car mechanic. The labor that is involved to completely replace and change the transmission can cost anywhere from four hundred and fifty dollars to eight hundred and fifty dollars depending on whether there are any other replacements and repairs to be done and processed.
  • There are some ways in which this cost can be brought down and this will mean purchasing a used or a manufactured transmission yourself and will only pay the installation costs. This will surely cut down some costs in the repair and replacement perspective.
  • Apart from the transmission repairs and replacements other car parts and components can also be repaired in due course of time and these can be the gears, the clutch, brakes, the torque converter etc. Sometimes, parts like the clutch and the solenoid can also prove to be expensive in the manner of repair costs and can lighten your wallet by anywhere from five hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars.

Signs that you should not ignore – Automatic Transmission

  • The transmissions have to be smooth if it is the automatic ones. The moment you detect a hesitation or a transmission slip, it should dwell on you that there is something amiss. In the case of an automatic transmission, the reverse gear may go out or the vehicle may slip out of gear while driving and these can be precarious, so it is best to get your systems checked by an expert from time to time.
  • Sensations – apart from the transmission slips, there may be some vibrations and sensations that you may begin to feel and these may indicate problems flashing red lights that the transmission system is starting to get faulty.
  • Warning lights are another indicator that car repairs are around the corner.
  • Noises such as grinding, chunking etc. while driving or starting the car are danger signs that you should not inquire.
Burning smells that may emanate from the car is a sure shot indicator of trouble brewing inside the car. This may indicate that the fluid levels are not optimum and they need to be checked. Apart from these there can be other warning signs such as puddles below the car or fluid leaks that need to be brought to the attention of the car repair person
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