6 Things to Keep In Mind When Hiring a Good Car for Weddings

A great deal of consideration should to be put in while hiring a car for weddings and receptions to minimize the risk of problems and inconvenience. A wedding car hire Melbourne needs to be able to provide cars according the requirements and demands of the wedding party.

Points to Keep in Mind

A wedding car hire Melbourne can make the wedding day affair special affair by providing excellent cars to use. However, not all the car hire agencies are up to the mark for this task. The selection of a car hire agency will depend on their ability to deliver based on a few parameters.

1. The Size of the Car

A wedding car hire Melbourne should have a number of cars of various sizes and capabilities at their disposal. The number of people that take a ride in the wedding car varies. Usually, the bride and the groom will be accompanied by their bridesmaids and pageboys. In that case, the wedding car should be large enough in order to accommodate all of them. In other cases, a large car might be unnecessary. Choosing the correct size can prevent the needless expenditure of money.

2. The Duration of the Journey

Some car rental agencies charge money based on the number of hours instead of the distance that they drive. Each extra hour will cause a fine to be levied. Often, this is only mentioned in the fine print. An arrangement must be reached with the agency about the duration. Delays can be inevitable when a wedding is considered, and the agency should be willing to negotiate to reach an arrangement. There is no need for paying extra money for hiring a wedding car.

3. The Theme of the Wedding

The car should match the theme of the wedding. Vintage cars will not suit a modern wedding theme. Even the color should match the theme. A bright color like canary yellow will look out of place in a wedding with the sober colors like ivory and pastels them. The wedding car hire Melbourne should also provide decorative items for the wedding car. The colors of those items need to match the overall theme as well. Most agencies should be willing to provide these extra services at no or little extra cost.

4. Early Booking is a Must

The wedding season is a time when a car rental agency will be most in demand. A wedding car hire Melbourne will need to be informed and booked at the earliest possible. Ideally, the booking should take place months in advance. This will prevent the last minute rush and will ensure a hassle free wedding plans. It will ensure that the car is got in the correct time without any hassles.

5. Cars Need to be Inspected

A reputable rental agency will ensure that their wedding cars are regularly maintained in order to provide smooth service. Be that as it may, it is important to check the car by yourself. The cars should match the description provided. The agency should provide the complete details of the car including the information regarding the maintenance schedules. Older cars will be at a greater risk of developing problems during a journey than the new ones.

6. Agencies should provide Insurance

Not all agencies will offer insurance but it is a must. A trustworthy company will always provide liability insurance while offering their cars for hire. In case of any damage to the car, the agency will be responsible to pay for it instead of the renter. Insurance also shows that the company is a reputable one.

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